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SEATIS Ltd. is a highly specialised consultancy service that provides a novel approach to sustainable energy, recognising the need to include policy, economics, social and environmental issues as being of equal importance in energy generation. Its staff has over 40 years combined experience in energy engineering, environmental science, climate change, policy and business. They have worked in emerging nations in South East Asia and West Africa, paying particular attention to combining indigenous wisdom, customary laws and the needs of the people with appropriate technology and knowledge exchange. In Indonesia, SEATIS’s staff have successfully delivered a number of UK-Indonesian action research and capacity building programmes in appropriate sustainable energy technology implementation since 2010.


SEATIS’ experience in bridging academic outputs produced by universities to public domain and local businesses, provides insights of how to translate sustainability research into policy and practice

SEATIS staffs’ portfolio of successful multidisciplinary project delivery is a gateway to access the know-how of connecting sustainable resources management with renewable energy technology

SEATIS’ long-standing relationship with Indonesia’s sustainable development sector, brings the add-on benefits of contextualised knowledge transfer schemes for early career and developing researchers and practitioners

SEATIS’ intergovernmental and academic links enables targeted partnerships with locally embedded actors and internationally recognised organisations, facilitating multi stakeholder programme planning between industrialised and emerging nations


Dr. Alan Owen


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Alan is a practical, time served engineer with 25 years experience in renewable energy technologies and sustainable development. After achieving a 1st Class BEng (Hons) in 2002, he completed his PhD in Marine Hydrodynamics in 2007. Increasingly concerned that sustainability is seen only as a techno-centric issue, Alan created the Centre for Understanding Sustainability in Practice (CUSP) in 2009 with a view to creating interdisciplinary projects with a particular focus on the behavioural change/ technology interface. Since then CUSP has attracted over £1.8 million funding from many different sources, providing research and consultancy services for sustainable food/energy/water nexus projects in UK, South East Asia and West Africa, interfacing with the full social range from indigenous fishing communities to government leaders. He has published peer-reviewed journal papers, book chapters and provided renewable energy advice to BBC programme makers. With UNAS, he had initiated the formation of the Centre for Sustainable Energy and Resources Management (CSERM) in 2014 and has since then been a Principal Investigator of joint projects in a number of UK-Indonesia sustainable energy initiatives. He founded SEATIS Ltd. in 2014 and has since become its Managing Director. His work ranges from numerical modelling of sustainable energy systems and resources in Europe to developing international sustainable energy policy and strategy in post conflict/post disaster areas of South East Asia, and designing sustainable energy systems for rice production and food processing in West Africa. Alan has developed collaborative partnerships with Scottish Universities and businesses, Indonesian Universities, international NGOs, and has hosted a number of VIP visits to the UK including Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, and Aceh Provincial Government.

Dr. Leuserina Garniati


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Nia’s professional experience includes more than 13 years of working with various local/multi-national NGOs, both UK and South East Asian Government institutions, and research communities in sustainable development related projects. She joined the Centre for Understanding Sustainability in Practice (CUSP) in 2010, during which time she has contributed to the development of the Robert Gordon University’s Carbon Management Plan and worked as the lead consultant responsible for Aberdeen City/Shire Energy Baseline Systems and its Sustainable Energy Action Plan. She designs modules, presents lectures, and co-supervises PhD students and MSc. students in Environmental Impact and Risk Management for the Energy Centre as well as Sustainable Energy Systems and Carbon Management for the Energy and Sustainability post graduate programmes. Extending the capacity of Indonesian practitioners in delivering international sustainable energy projects, Nia has contributed to the establishment of the Centre for Sustainable Energy and Resources Management (CSERM) and managed international development programmes between Academics, Businesses, Communities, and Governments in Indonesia and the UK. She co-founded SEATIS Ltd. in 2014 and has since then become its Co-Director. Her main area of interest is in working with fragile/vulnerable societies to build indigenous capabilities for environmental protection and equal access to sustainable energy, food and water resources. Nia has initiated work funded by the UNDP, UK-DFID, FCO, and UK businesses for Indonesia.